Review: GS6000-A7 with SuperHD resolution

The GS6000-A7 Dashcam has a high-performance Ambarella A7LA50D processor, which has enough power to record video in "SuperHD" resolution. Whether that’s actually true or merely marketing hype, we’ll clarify in this test report.

The GS6000-A7 is a high-end dashcam. What it has to offer is quite exclusive and sets the standard high for dashcams:

  • FullHD video at 30fps
  • SuperHD (2304×1296) at 30fps
  • GPS
  • 170° field of view incl. DEWARP (fisheye-effect correction)
  • Loop recording function
  • Large 2.7″ display
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Motion detector
  • Accelerometer
  • AV-out/HDMI-out, USB port

Package contents

  • Dashcam with suction mount
  • Car charging cable
  • USB cable and USB adapter
  • Cable guides

The package contents are quite basic. A small suction mount is included, which also contains the GPS module. Normally I advise against the use of suction mounts, but mounting a dashcam permanently isn’t always an option, and this suction mount is pleasingly small and cleverly constructed. The mounting on the front windshield is quite easily detached. It also permits 360° rotation of the dashcam, allowing in principle the vehicle interior to be filmed.

The camera’s housing has an unobtrusive design and is finished with a matt-black rubber coating, which renders the camera non-reflective and nearly invisible from the outside. Despite the suction mount, it can be well-placed behind the rear-view mirror.

Dashcam with SuperHD

The camera’s high-performance processor lets video be recorded at 2304×1296 resolution. This is a nice feature and lets small details stand out more clearly. FullHD resolution is usually enough, however, and saves storage space on the memory card.

Large display


Another very noticeable feature of the dashcam is its display. With a 2.7″ (about 7 cm) diagonal screen, it’s relatively large, and so operation and setup are exceptionally easy and you soon find your way around. It sits nicely in the hand and with the buttons to left and right of the screen feels a little like a Gameboy. The buttons have just the right pressure sensitivity, and thanks to the fast processor, commands are executed immediately with no loading time. By default the screen shuts off after three minutes, which is good as it minimises distractions for the driver. Recording continues in the background, however.

Nonstop recording

The dashcam saves video automatically in segments in selectable lengths of two, three, or five minutes. Once the memory card is full the oldest video is automatically overwritten. There is no need for the camera operator to do anything. Start driving and the camera automatically turns on and saves the recordings without your having to look after it yourself.

Accelerometer and motion detector

To prevent important events from being overwritten by the nonstop recording function, the accelerometer detects them – e.g. a full braking stop, a pothole or an accident. The current video is then overwrite-locked on the memory card and the camera can no longer overwrite the track. Alternatively, a file can be overwrite-locked at the press of a button, since not every critical event can be picked up by the acceleration sensor. If you’d like to delete a video file, you have to do it manually – either via a computer or on the dashcam menu.

If you’d prefer that the dashcam not begin recording automatically as soon as the vehicle is turned on, you can also activate the motion sensor. Recording then begins once something moves within the camera’s very broad field of view, which also saves storage space. Recording stops when the camera detects no movements within three minutes.

The dashcam has a small integrated battery, the sole purpose of which is to be able to shut down the camera when its power supply from the vehicle is interrupted. The battery is therefore not suitable for intensive surveillance activities.

Good picture quality

This dashcam scores another point in this category. The picture is sharp and well-lighted, and street numbers and license plates are easy to read. The objective lens, with an enormous field of view of 170°, also allows views far to the right and left of the vehicle. To compensate for the fisheye effect that comes with such a wide angle the camera has a “dewarp” function. Videos taken at night have some fine background noise, which nonetheless does not noticeably degrade picture quality. What stands out for me, however, is that the colours in bright regions are false and poorly resolved, causing the contrast to suffer.

The weather on my test drives was generally good, and so the display panel and the dashboard surface left strong reflections on the front windshield. These are easy to spot in the screenshots and are not due to artifacts!

The dashcam has an excellent microphone. Conversations are quite clear and have very nearly the quality of a dictation device. I have never experienced such quality with any other dashcam.

Photos GS6000-A7:

Video at night

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

Video at day

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

must buy

Conclusion GS6000-A7

Well-equipped dashcam with SuperHD resolution, very large display, and good picture quality.

You get this device for just EUR 149,99 at Amazon Germany.
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Author: Nic

Ich fahre täglich Auto. In der Großstadt Berlin gibt es viel Verkehr. Oft wünschte ich mir in bestimmten Situation Beweismittel zu haben. Der Trend der Dashcams kommt mir da sehr gelegen. Meine Erfahrungen teile ich mit euch.