Review: mini 0801 – a very small dashcam with GPS

A dashcam which is amazingly small but nevertheless equipped with GPS technology and a display. The device is already being merchandised as an insider’s tip. In our test we will look at whether the picture quality is impressive enough.

The mini 0801 became a very popular dashcam in 2014. It is packed with a lot of features:

  • Full HD recording with 30fps
  • GPS
  • Photo mode
  • Microphone and loudspeaker
  • Loop function
  • 120° wide angle
  • Motion sensor
  • Acceleration sensor
  • 1.5″ display
  • AV-out TV-output, USB port

Everything which the dashcam driver needs today is included. The package content is fairly basic:

Package contents:

  • Dashcam with adhesive mounting
  • Car charger cable
  • USB cable and USB adapter
  • Spare adhesive stickers for the mounting
  • Operating instructions (German)

As seen with the Black Vue dashcam, there is a certain trend with today’s dashcams. Suction cups are gone! The dashcam doesn’t need them. It is very small and equipped with an adhesive pad so that it can be fixed to the windscreen, and that’s where it’ll stay! The compact construction means that it rests very firmly on the windscreen and can be hidden very discretely behind the rear mirror. So you can hardly see it both from the inside as well as the outside. This device has understood the concept of a dashcam! Anyone wanting perhaps to take it with them can remove it really easily from the mounting.

mini 0801 Dashcam with GPS module

Clever: The holder also includes the GPS module, which measures location, speed and date. This can also be deactivated in the system. But its mounting function is indispensable.

In the past there were some complaints regarding the GPS module. Since then, there is now a redesigned version of the dashcam with a new GPS module, which registers the satellite reception much quicker.

The speed is documented by GPS. This can be hidden from a desired speed (60–120 km/h) onwards.

Note: The integrated GPS aerial is quite weak. Hence, placing the dashcam near a light and rain sensor should be avoided; otherwise the GPS signal can be blocked!

When unpacking the dashcam, you will find two USB ports – one on the GPS module and one on the dashcam. In the vehicle, it gets its power via the GPS module.

The other port is meant for data exchange on the computer. There are apparently users who like to take their dashcam home with them. There’s no problem doing this with this device. The dashcam can be easily pulled out of the mounting despite the adhesive holder.

A memory card isn’t included. In my case a 32 GB micro SD card is needed. This is also officially supported by the manufacturer! According to user reports, there can be problems with Class 10 memory cards!

Also included in the package is an evaluation software, which reveals itself when the dashcam is connected directly to the computer. Then a drive with .exe file is shown.

Dashcam with display

Fortunately the dashcam comes with a 1.5” display. It’s sufficient to orientate the camera in the vehicle.

It’s also good that you can use your own USB cable for the power supply. The automatic activation of the camera still works then: As soon as the ignition is turned the camera starts filming.

The dashcam has an integrated rechargeable battery with 320 mAh but that is ultimately only for use with the automatic switch-off. It’s not suitable for use with extended photo sessions.

Recording in an endless loop

Like most dashcams, this device also saves videos in segments of one, two, three, four or five minutes’ length. Also better known as ‘loop function’. If the memory card is ever full, then the oldest recording is overwritten. Sometimes problems with saving occur as well and then a maximum of only five minutes of film material would be lost. For those wanting to produce a coherent film though, the loop recording can be completely deactivated. The files are saved with the following formula: 01311020_0007.MP4. Translated, this means: 31 January, 10.20 a.m./p.m. So the recordings can be clearly identified later on the computer.

Motion sensor and acceleration sensor

The motion sensor monitors the field of view of the camera in terms of movements. As soon as something happens, it starts recording. The function can be switched on or off as selected and functions well.

Combined with this is the acceleration sensor (also G sensor), which registers emergency stops or accidents. As soon as the sensor registers an event, the current recording is permanently secured so that it can’t be overwritten by the loop function of the camera. Then it has to be removed manually from the computer. The function can also be activated manually by pressing a key, which is handy! Since an event doesn’t always result in an accident.

Good picture quality

Before personal adjustments are made after the purchase, the picture is somewhat dark but sharp and free of image noise. Number plates and street signs can be recognized as well. If desired, the picture can even be brightened up with the settings.

At night, the mini0801 doesn’t put on such a masterful show as in the daytime. But it still produces usable recordings.

The standard picture quality is, by the way, set to ‘high’. But for my recordings, I have set it to ‘very high’.

Even the microphone is impressive. It produces a clear sound. Mid- and high ranges are pleasant to listen to. There is hardly any background noise and humming.

Given the very reasonable price of , that’s really an amazing achievement.

Then at the end of my test there was a slight incident with a passer-by, who obviously thought he was immortal:

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

A perfect example for investing in a dashcam. What would have happened if I’d hit him because I’d been operating my radio, for example? Then things would look really bad for me. Thanks to the video, the irresponsible behaviour of the passer-by could be clearly identified.

Photos mini 0801:

Video at night

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

Video at day

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

must buy

Conclusion mini 0801

A miracle in functionality within a very small casing, plus good picture quality and at a competitive price!

Author: Nic

Ich fahre täglich Auto. In der Großstadt Berlin gibt es viel Verkehr. Oft wünschte ich mir in bestimmten Situation Beweismittel zu haben. Der Trend der Dashcams kommt mir da sehr gelegen. Meine Erfahrungen teile ich mit euch.