Review: mini 0803 – world’s smallest GPS dashcam

The mini 0801, already quite popular and rightly so, is our favourite. The 0803 has the same small size as its predecessor and also shares its GPS capabilities. But the 0803's better processor and image sensor provide better video quality.

The mini 0801’s versatility was already impressive. The mini 0803 raises the bar, however, with its higher-performance Ambarella A/LA50D processor, which enables SuperHD resolution.

  • SuperHD (1296p) recording at 30fps
  • FullHD (1080p) recording at 30fps
  • 3.2 MP Aptina image sensor
  • 135° field of view
  • GPS
  • Photo mode
  • Detachable microphone and loudspeaker
  • Looped recording function
  • Motion sensor
  • Accelerometer
  • 1.5″ display
  • Lithium ion 320 mAh battery
  • AV-out TV output, micro USB port

Techies have probably noticed that the mini 0803 has the same processor as the big GS6000-A7. The larger image sensor allows for a 135° (instead of 120°) field of view, making it easier to take in more of the surroundings.

Package contents

  • Dashcam with adhesive mounting
  • Car charger cable
  • USB cable and USB adapter
  • Replacement adhesive stickers for mounting
  • Operating instructions

A memory card is not included. The maximum compatible data storage capacity is 32 GB. We use a MicroSD-Card by Samsung.

The 0803 looks just like the 0801, with one important difference: the new model uses a micro-USB connector. So if you already use a normal mini-USB cable, you’ll unfortunately have to get a new cable or use the included cable, since both the dashcam and the GPS base use the new connector.


Installation is a snap. First, simply insert a memory card (not included, as we’ve already said!).

The dashcam is fixed to the windshield with the adhesive mount. It is recommended that the upper part of the windshield behind the rear-view mirror be used for installation. Once the dashcam is connected to the cigarette lighter socket via the included USB cable, the camera turns on and begins recording automatically. No need to worry about anything else! When parking, the dashcam turns itself off again automatically after five minutes, since the cigarette lighter is no longer providing power.

World’s smallest GPS dashcam

The dashcam is truly tiny. Its mount is fixed to the windshield, and the GPS receiver is located inside it. This allows the dashcam to hug the windshield and to be hidden, for example, behind the rear-view mirror, thus completely freeing up the field of view. Currently it’s the smallest GPS dashcam in the world.

In principle, the new device should be compatible with the GPS of the previous mini 0801. The power supply is the correct one; however, I did have problems with GPS reception.

Looped recordings

Recordings are saved in an endless loop as one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-minute clips. Once the memory card is full the oldest recordings are overwritten. This way the driver need waste no time on distractions.

Motion sensor and accelerometer

The accelerometer registers unusual events, such as a jolt from a sudden braking stop or an accident. As soon as an event is detected, the current recording is permanently saved and cannot be overwritten by the loop recording function. The sensitivity can be adjusted. This feature is deactivated by default, and for good reason, since the overwrite lock function can be triggered too easily (e.g. by a pothole or fast driving), causing the memory card to fill up too quickly.

The motion detector is also deactivated by default. It is most useful to someone who would like to monitor their parked vehicle. Obviously only interesting moments should be recorded, such as when something moves within the field of view of the camera.

SuperHD resolution

As explained earlier, with its resolution of 2304×1296 pixels the mini 0803 can record SuperHD video, which captures greater detail from distant objects. However, this capability is not yet practical, as higher resolution requires greater storage and only 32GB storage is available. Thus FullHD resolution will have to do.

Good image quality

As expected, the image quality is good. Thanks to the WDR function, the recordings are evenly lit, and details in both dark and bright areas remain discernible. Unfortunately the image quality is inconsistent and the sharpness leaves something to be desired. The SuperHD resolution is a nice function to have, but FullHD is more than enough for most users and does save on storage space. One would expect the successor to the mini 0801 to have higher quality, and so an upgrade for mini 0801 users would not be worthwhile. However, for those who are making their first purchase and who don’t want to give up SuperHD, I recommend the 0803.

The microphone produces recordings of acceptable quality. Voices can be understood clearly. The microphone can be deactivated with the push of a button, for example during a phone call.


Photos mini 0803:

Video at night

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

Video at day

Please be aware of the strong compression of the videos through YouTube! The uncompressed recordings have better quality.

must buy

Conclusion mini 0803

Extremely small dashcam with display, GPS, and SuperHD resolution, with good image quality.

At the moment, the current dashcam is not in stock (anymore).

Author: Nic

Ich fahre täglich Auto. In der Großstadt Berlin gibt es viel Verkehr. Oft wünschte ich mir in bestimmten Situation Beweismittel zu haben. Der Trend der Dashcams kommt mir da sehr gelegen. Meine Erfahrungen teile ich mit euch.